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Qualifications of the company

Besides the qualifications already obtained from official systems or from client's Quality Assurance (Certifications ASME U and U2, TUV Saarland, AD-Merkblatt HP-O) TISSOT Industrie has now been qualified ISO 9001 since April 1996.
All department work under quality Assurance System in accordance with NF EN 9001 standart, concerning the design manufacturing, erection and industrial maintenance of storage units and pressure vessels manufactured in our Podensac Factory and/or assembled in Saint-Nazaire or on site.  verif.jpg

Quality control

All provisious are defined in the QA manual and associated procedures, under the responsability of specialised team in charge and making possible permanent sytem improvement, and costumers complete satisfaction.

Is exercised at all execution levels of the order by a department employing COFREND certified personnel for non destructive tests ans a laboratory qualified for measuring and mechanical tests.

Self-supervision of statutory tests

By dispensation from the provisions of the 18/07/1943 decree, TISSOT SA company is authorized to supervise - under its own responsability, in compliance with decision N° AQUI/99/APG/TISS/038 by DRIRE AQUITAINE - tests of gas pressure unit devices, whether new, built by itself, modified or repaired, from all builders in France and DOM-TOM. chargmt.jpg


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