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Making the best out of titanium

Titanium in TISSOT Industrie company is the outcome of evolving techniques as well as over 35 years'experience in paper industry.

It is also :

  • A special workshop, operated by a staff trained for meeting the requirements of work on noble materials
  • A high-performance forming, oxycutting and welding equipment
  • Permanent check by a quality control department
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"Noble metal" xorkshop more than 800 m2 mainly including :

  • 2 gantries (capacities : 12 tons and 10 tons)
  • 15 latest generation thyristor TIG welding equipment
  • 1 automatic TIG-plasma welding frame
  • 1 TIG robot for inaccessible welding

TISSOT Industrie NOBLE MATERIAL DEPARTMENT is also a wide range of homologated welding methods : AQUAP, ASME, S.S, B.S, etc..., heat treatment are made available (either conventional or in controlled atmosphere).

TISSOT Industrie also means modern equipment for control operations : ir 192 source, ultrason devices, destructive test laboratories, COFREND II and III skilled staff.

TISSOT Industrie finally makes it possible to develop and make any device with noble metal for chemical, oil, sugar, paper, ..., industries.




The equipment shown was carried out on behalf of KAMYR, a swedish company, one of to world leaders in paper pulp engineering.

It was intented for "CELLULOSE D'ALISAY" in Alizay (27). The Titanium used was in compliance with DIN 3.7035 standard in thickness from 2.5 mm up to 90 mm.

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