Human engagement

For over 75 years, TISSOT has proved apt at building specialized, high-performance design and manufacturing teams for metalwork assembly. The company’s expertise is well-rooted in the experience and skill of the men and women working within

Safety and environment

Continuously improving our safety performance, protecting our employees’ health, preserving the well-being of our collaborators, and protecting the environment are all constantly at the forefront of our company’s concerns.


Thanks to its expertise and its constant quest for innovation, TISSOT is able to respond to requests from all around the globe. Flexibility and reactivity are two major assets of the company that guarantee the success of any project it undertakes.

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is a crucial commitment for TISSOT, and its main focus. The company founds its relationships with its clients by listening to them, understanding their needs, and providing strict confidentiality, allowing us to offer a personalized
service for each client.

Women-men equality index

The gender equality index is established on the basis of the assessment of 4 indicators, namely the pay gap, individual pay rise, the proportion of female employees getting a pay rise after returning from maternity leave, the number of employees of the under-represented sex among the top 10 earners. The final score, obtained by the sum of the number of points for each of the 4 calculable indicators, gives a result between 0 and 100 points corresponding to the company’s index.

The gender equality index for TISSOT Industrie is 35/45 in 2020.

  1. Pay gap between women and men: Incalculable indicator for the year 2020.
  2. Difference in individual pay rise rates including promotions between women and men: 35 points out of 35.
  3. Percentage of female employees who got a pay rise in the year following their return from maternity, adoption or parental leave: Incalculable indicator for the year 2020.
  4. Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 employees who received the highest salaries: 0 out of 10 points.

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